Diamond for sale!

Diamond for sale!
Djásn frá Vesturkoti
V: Spuni frá Vesturkoti (honorary price; 8,92)
M: Drottning frá Enni (Trot: 9,0; Tölt, Galopp, Spirit, Form, Canter: 8,5)
Djásn is an extraordinary fivegaited mare which can start directly in high performance classes. She already received high evaluations in Sport (F1: 7,0; T2: 7,70) as well as in her breeding shows (Total: 8,35). Her perfect bloodline and her evaluations make Djásn one of the highest ranked mares in Germany (BLUP 126).

If you want to compete with an always clear minded and willing horse that brings you a lot of joy, please get in touch with Frauke Schenzel (frauke@kronshof.de) to meet our perfect Djásn. Only serious interests please. Price according to quality.