Special breedingmares for sale!

Special breedingmares for sale!

Do you want your own part of Kronshof breeding history? Then here is your chance with purchasing one of four excellent breeding mares – all of them woven tightly in our breeding, with quality offspring and of course, all of them first price, as is standard for us.

We just want to emphasize that none of these high quality mares are offered because they‘re lacking in any regard – they all have done their part for our breeding, and all of them will continue to do so with their offspring.

Price true to quality, only serious inquiries please.

Freisting‘s bloodlines are,as the full sister to our beloved Næpa, the truest connection to the foundation of our breeding that you can find. But her sister is definitely not the only thing impressive about her – Freisting herself is judged in first price with 8,22, pitch black, beautiful and comes with already ridden and high judged offspring such as Klakkur vom Kronshof, who represented Germany in the 5 y/o class at the Worldchampionships in 2017. Freisting is covered with Herkúles frá Ragnheiðarstöðum. (https://kronshof.com/zuchtstuten/freisting-vom-kronshof-ii)

Lyfting is the youngest of the bunch, but definitely not the one of least interest. True to her sire Gustur vom Kronshof (Worldchampion in Fivegait 2017) also Lyfting has a lot of potential for sport herself, or breeding future sports horses – with a bit of luck in special coloring 😉 She has extremely well separated five gaits with big movements, and always exceptionally good walk (judged with 9 in her FIZO). Her foal Smilla ist judged with 8,24 in her foal evalutaion. Lyfting is covered with Mökkur frá Flagbjarnarholti. (https://kronshof.com/zuchtstuten/lyfting-vom-kronshof)

Nýpa might not be bred by us herself, but we are definitely extremely thankful for her influence in breeding. Her beautiful daughter Kolbrá vom Kronshof will continue Nypa‘s line in our breeding and is herself everything that is typical for her offspring. Sport horses with extraordinarily much expression, long mane and tail, and dancing movements that are always fast in their reactions and eager to please their rider. Nýpa is covered with Óðinn vom Habichtswald. (https://kronshof.com/zuchtstuten/nypa-vom-habichtswald)

If you‘re searching for a powerful, 5 gaited addition to your breeding with exceptional pace (judged with 9) our Hylling vom Kronshof is the one for you. Always eager, always big and sure in her movements – Hylling‘s beautiful coloring is definitely not the only remarkable thing about her. Hylling is covered with Óðinn vom Habichtswald. (https://kronshof.com/zuchtstuten/hylling-vom-kronshof-ii)


All of them, as well as their offspring, are healthy and free of eczema.