Kronshof Special: Information for riders from abroad

Kronshof Special: Information for riders from abroad

Dear Colleagues and international sport riders,

once again from 18. – 21. of May we invite you to our yearly  „Kronshof Special“. We are very happy, and grateful, that our competition attracts so many great riders from not only the whole of Germany, but  from other countries as well. Once again this year a lot of nationally and internationally successfull riders have already signed up – so we can promise exciting four days with amazing horses and riders!

For easy signing up along you may find here all necessary formal information about the competition. If you’re interested, just send your information via mail ( and transfer the sign up fee to our bank account (Schenzel GbR, IBAN: DE48 2406 0300 0966 8721 00, BIC: GENODEF1NBU) – simple as that. If you have any questions about sleeping arrangements or signing up in general, please feel free to ask us. We are always happy to help.

This year for the first time we have combined our competition with the international breeding show, so if you are interested in seeing young and experienced breeding horses, or want to show your own horse, we would be happy to see you at the 16. – 17. of May. The show is going to be judged by the internationally well experienced Marlise Grimm, Johannes Hoyos and Britt Helene Lindheim. In our imagination it is going to be amazing to combine both the breeding, and the competiton aspect and of course the more great horses and riders are coming, the more fun it will be. With the sign up, and any relating questions, it is the same procedure as with the competition. Just write an email and you will hear from us. The information about the breeding show is avialable here.

We look forward to being the host to an amazing competiton, with top horse-rider-combinations of diverse nationalities here in the north of Germany!